Marine Pilings & Pile Driver


Pile Driver in New Orleans Area

Need pilings or bulkead pilings driven?

At Gill’s Crane we have been install marine driven piles since 1973. We have driven these pilings all across south Louisiana and Mississippi. Our work has supported both commercial and residential dock fronts, boat launches, camps and business.

Give us a call at 504-662-5530 for more information.
Marine Pilings
Marine Pilings
Marine Pilings

Marine pilings being driven on a commercial waterfront site.

We have the ability to work both from land and barge for driving piles of various lengths and types.

Here are the types of piles we can drive:

  • Timber Piles
  • Pipe Piles
  • Concrete Piles
  • H Piles
  • Sheet Piles

We are able to drive piles up to 100 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter. We are also able to drive sheet pile correctly and to the proper depth. Regardless of your type of marine construction project you have at hand, give us a call at Gill’s Crane Service at (504) 662-5530 for a quote. We will be happy to quote you for driving the number of pilings needed for the type of environment you request.