About Us


How We Get Started?

Gill’s Crane Service, Inc. was started in 1973 by the entrepreneurial spirit of Gill J. Audibert.  Mr. Audibert, a native of New Orleans, had been working for Boh Brothers, LLC since the age of fifteen.  Like his older brothers before him, Mr. Audibert took a position there as a laborer and worked his way up to the operator.

After working there for over ten years, Mr. Audibert felt that he had gained enough experience and knowledge to start his own business in heavy construction.

Mr. Audibert began his business by working every day and every night – actually performing two jobs to keep his family comfortable while he made telephone calls, ran errands, met customers and purchased tools and equipment for his new business.  He obtained his first crane and was proud of his new role as “Owner”.  Within ten years, he was employing ten people to help him on his jobs – all the while making new contacts, building his equipment inventory and stretching his horizons.


In 1984, his eldest son, Brett, came to work for him.  Brett’s natural abilities as an operator and his lifelong experience with his father combined to enable the company to broaden its workload quickly.  With the addition of his youngest son, Ryan, in 1991, the family ownership was complete.  All of their efforts would go into making Gill’s Crane Service, Inc. bigger and better each year. That became a reality as the company began to perform more high profile residential work, public and commercial projects and act as a general contractor.  The company is licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi under Heavy Construction with numerous additional classifications added over the years.

The desire to expand in that area was helped along by employing Brett’s wife, Allison, to become company accountant in early 1995.  With her knowledge, the company formalized its procedures and increased its financial strength by retaining a bonding agent, bank account manager, and insurance specialists.  Since 1995, Gill’s has enjoyed a growth in income and cash flow.

Today, celebrating its 42nd year, Gill’s Crane Service, Inc. is run in largely by Gill’s sons, Brett and Ryan, while Gill has graduated to a more supervisory position; advising his sons, as well as, beginning two new businesses. With the second generation firmly in place; new growth will be realized, born from the ambition of the first.