Marine Contractor Specializing In Boat Houses, Piers, Pilings, Docks & Waterfront Building

For 50 years, Gill’s Crane and Dozer Service Inc. is a marine contractor licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi that focuses on building boat houses, fishing piers, pilings, boat docks & other waterfront building projects.

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Family Owned and Operated Pile Driving and Marine Construction

The company is engaged in residential and commercial heavy marine construction specializing in but not limited to bulkheads and retaining walls (all types), pile driving, excavation, demolition, grading of land, docks and dock improvements, piers, boathouses, and boat launches for private residents, public and private businesses and organizations, public municipalities and government agencies.

50 Years of driving piles, building docks and boathouses, fixing and installing bulkheads and providing marine construction services. Thats right, Gill's Cranse Services has been the family business to choose for pile driving since 1973!

We are proud to service the following water-front communities with marine construction services.

Pile Driving service for camp house foundation and boat house.

Pile Driving Services

We are capable of driving piles of various lengths and types. Here are the types of piles we can drive: Timber Piles, Pipe Piles, Concrete Piles, H Piles, and Sheet Piles

We are able to drive piles up to 100 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter. We are also able to drive sheet piles correctly and to the proper depth. Regardless of your type of marine construction project you have at hand, give us a call at Gill’s Crane Service at (504) 662-5530 for a quote. We will be happy to quote you for driving the number of pilings needed for the type of environment you request.

Boat Launch

Boat Launch Building and Repair

In the coastal waterways and lakes of South Louisiana and Mississippi, reliable an easy to launch boat launches are crucial for getting your vessels on the water. Repairing and building these launches demand a deep understanding of the region's challenges. Coastal changes and damaged material caused by age and fluctuating water levels threaten existing launches, requiring robust repair work with reinforced concrete and/or crushed rock. Building and prepping sites for new launches requires careful site assessments to create long lasting operation and maximize usability. Our expertise extends to constructing finger piers and bulkheads, which are vital for docking. With meticulous planning and premium materials, each launch is resilient and functional.

Boat House Building in progress

Boat House Building and Repair

Building a boat house with an integrated boat lift underneath is a strategic solution for waterfront property owners seeking convenient storage and easy access to their vessels. This innovative design optimizes space utilization while providing protection from the elements. By combining traditional boathouse construction with modern lift technology, owners can seamlessly store their boats above the waterline, safeguarding them from damage and ensuring hassle-free launching whenever needed.

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Dock Building Services

Building docks on the area lakes like Pontchatrain and Catherine, the Gulf, and rivers in South Louisiana and Mississippi demands high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions. Saltwater and storms, including hurricanes, necessitate durable, corrosion-resistant options like treated wood, composite, and concrete. New options for Wash-through designs are helping minimizing storm surge damage to the decking. This new dock decking option allows water to pass through more easily and helps the structure by reducing force. Quality construction and resilient materials ensure longevity and safety, making docks capable of enduring the region's challenging weather and environmental conditions.

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Marine Construction Services

Our marine construction and repair services in South Louisiana and Mississippi specialize in building and maintaining docks, piers, and seawalls. With 50 years of experience, Gill's Crane Services focuses on quality and safety, using durable, weather-resistant materials like treated wood and composite to withstand harsh conditions. Expertise in hurricane repairs for residential and commercial projects help keep structures functional, even in the region's challenging environment.

Bulkhead replacement after damaged

Bulkhead Repair and Construction Services

With our 50 years of experience, we specialize in repairing and building bulkheads in South Louisiana and Mississippi, including bayous, rivers, and lakes. Failing bulkheads continue to cause increased damage and need to be replaced or repaired. Our expert team ensures durable, high-quality construction to protect properties from erosion and storm damage, prioritizing safety and longevity for residential and commercial projects.